We value your privacy

At we want you to be comfortable in sharing your personal stories on our platform. We value your privacy and take our responsibility for protecting your privacy very seriously.

You can read our official privacy policy here, but here are a few additional steps we take to ensure your stories are safe:

Accessing Life Stories

  • The only way to log into the site is through your email account. Passwords need to be unique and hard for anyone to guess.
  • uses the secure https:// protocol (indicated by the little padlock next to the internet address) for additional security.
  • Our payments are processed through Stripe, a secure and fully PCI-compliant payments processor.

Database security

  • All stories are encrypted in the database and only the founders has access to that database. On principle, we will not look at our customers’ stories unless we are needed to troubleshoot an account.
  • All data is stored through encryption and we use strong, random passwords for securing the database and any other sensitive information.
  • We have been proactive in securing your data by using the most up-to-date protocols for protecting your privacy.

You control your story

  • You control who sees your stories. Privacy is built into the program so that you have control to give permissions for others to see your stories. You can also remove people from your account at any time.
  • No stories are published publicly. We will never make a story public without your express permission.
  • We do not post stories to any social media platforms. There is no feature in the platform that will allow that.
  • You can download your stories at any time. They are in pdf format and can be saved in a backup file.

Unfortunately, there is always a small possibility that something stored online will be accessed (just like someone can gain access to your email, or other personal messaging). We will always be strongly motivated to make sure everything on our platform remains private.

Have any more questions about privacy?