Premium Tier

Our Premium tier is our core product here at Lifestories. For the price of $100, customers gain unlimited access to our platform for one calendar year starting on the day of your subscription. With that initial payment, customers receive one free printed copy of their finished story (shipping not included) and a slew of features. After that calendar year is over, customers can renew for $100 to continue using the platform.

  • 300+ questions to help you curate your life story
  • 1 free printed copy of your life story
  • Ability to add unlimited contributors to question
  • Ability to add unlimited readers to read your story as you progress
  • Access to our print shop to print as many copies of your story as you want
  • Ability to download your story to PDF
  • 24/7 customer support

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Free tier

At LifeStories we believe customers should be able to try our product at no cost for 14 days. Why? Because we know that after using our product for a few days you will want to commit to finishing your story and joining the LifeStory family.

  • Get access to the limited LifeStories product for 14 days for free
  • No ability to print
  • Limited customer support
  • At the end of 14 days - you can still read your book but cannot continue writing further
  • All expired accounts information will be stored for 120 days

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