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Our Passion

Maybe you have always wanted to write a book about your life, or any other story, and with good reason: no better medium exists for preserving a legacy. Unless captured in print, there is a great risk that much of your incredible story will be lost forever. And your story is incredible, marked by your unique triumphs, challenges, and choices. But maybe this goal of authorship felt out of reach… too difficult, time-intensive, or costly.

That’s where we can help. We remove the barriers and equip you to complete your book and then share it with others. More than just facts and dates, we help you describe the events, decisions, and people that have defined your unforgettable life’s journey.

Our passion is to preserve your life story, and through every step of the process, this passion leads to superior results. And it’s strengthened by deep experience. For over 30 years, our accomplished team has helped people of all different backgrounds to write their exceptional life stories that are prized by family and friends.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said: There is properly no history, only biography.

We would be honored to help at LifeStories.com

Our Founder


For over 30 years, Chad Harbour has helped countless people to write their life stories. His deep experience in documenting and preserving a person’s legacy in book form allows anyone to share these priceless treasures with future generations.

The LifeStories team, developed over the past three decades, offers unrivaled expertise and support for your life-writing project. Chad is passionate about building intergenerational bridges—passing on our knowledge, character qualities, values, and life-lessons for the betterment of our nation, communities, and families.

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