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With our professional and passionate workmanship, Life Stories Company has assisted many individuals, families, and companies in documenting and preserving their story and legacy, allowing them to share these timeless and priceless treasures with generations to come.

Our team of professionals consists of interviewers, writers, editors, graphic artists, archivists, photographers, videographers, and layout specialists.

Chad Harbour, Founder
“A happy customer makes a happy team!”
Tim B., Chief Editor
“I’ll make it shine like the stars!”

Holly K., Digital Imagery / Photography
“Hold that! Just one more…!”
David F., Graphics, Covers and Layout
“Let’s pretty this up.”
Mark H., Digital Media
“Expanding the digital footprint is where it’s at.”
Kyle A., Video
“Lights! Camera! Action!”
Becky H., Administration
“Let’s be organized and stay organized.”
Luiz C., Web Master
“We can do that.”

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